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Who Are We

Quaternary Healthcare Consultancy, LLC is a marquee Perioperative & Procedural Services consultant advisory group with a mission to partner with healthcare organizations and their executive leaders to assess and formulate innovative solutions to your unique clinical and operational challenges. 


Our Founder has over thirty years of Perioperative hospital clinical experience and sixteen years of progressive, C-Suite executive, operational and transformative experience, as an ACNO and COO with a doctorate and postgraduate work focused on advanced leadership and change management in highly matrixed healthcare systems. We pride ourselves on helping healthcare systems achieve organizational success through high-level strategies and operational excellence via cross-functional collaboration and innovative problem-solving in high-stakes environments. With experience in level-one trauma-transplant academic medical centers, critical access hospitals, and ASCs, we can help you achieve impactful change by leveraging an in-depth assessment, data, and relationship capital. 

Expertise Equals Innovative Solutions...


Perioperative and Procedural Operations & Efficiency 

  • Operating Rooms/ Procedural & Hybrid O.R.'s

    • Robotic Optimization/Access

    • Pre-Op Clinic & Patient Optimization

    • Perfusion & ECMO Services

    • Transplant/ DCD/ Donor Center

    • Revenue Generation

    • Innovative staffing models and orientation 

    • Pre-Post Throughput "PACU Holds"

    • O.R. Block Schedule Efficiency 

    • Periopertive Triad Decision-Making Model [Surgeon, Nurse, Anesthesia]

  • ​Electronic Health Record [EHR] Optimization and Workflow Development

    • Preoperative Operation Strategy ​

    • Operational Data/Dashboard Management

    • OR Block Utilization

    • Preference Card Maintenance Strategy

    • Supply Chain and Revenue Integrity 

  • Cost Containment

  • Staffing Optimization 

  • Procedural Areas

    • Cath/ EP Labs

    • IR/ VIR/ ECHO

    • Neuro Endovascular Suites

    • Endo, Bronch

    • C-Section Suite integration into Periop Services

  • Sterile Processing/ SPD and Offsite Consolidated Service Centers

    • Internal Self-distribution center​

    • Pharmacy operations, Compounding pharmacy, Mail-order pharmacy

    • Supply Chain, Warehouse 

    • Sterile Processing departments, supporting multiple O.R.'s

      • Offering sterilization to third-parties = Revenue generation​

Mentorship and New Leader Coaching

  • New leaders with high potential, but lacks clinical expertise?

    • We provide both onsite and virtual coaching sessions​

    • Help develop effective communication skills to convey ideas clearly & inspire

    • Team building techniques; Values diversity, empower teams and delegation

    • Strategic thinking and planning based on data analysis & trends

    • Ethical leadership & equitable decision-making processes 

    • Adaptability and resilience 

    • Self-Care & emotional intelligence development 

Care Team Member Retention, Recruitment, and Engagement

  • Effective Change Management & Cultural Change

  • Innovative, effective staffing and call schedules

    • Improving work-life balance & higher retention rates

  • Nurse, physician and surgeon; teams and relationship building

  • Design and implement escalation communication/decision tree

Clinical and Operational Efficiency/Practice

  • C-Suite & Organizational Structure

  • Space Allocation & Optimization 

    • Assessment

    • Construction, Design & Logistical Expertise​

      • Offsite Sterile Processing Departments

      • Consolidated Service Centers [e.g., SPD, Pharmacy, Distribution]

      • OR and ASC's Design and Logistics

CMS Framework for Health Equity

  • Health Equity

  • Cause of Disparities

  • Address Inequities in Policy & Operations

  • Organizational Bias  [e.g., Racial, Gender, LGBTQ, etc.]

  • Reaching Marginalized Patient Populations

  • Healthcare Provider Bias Training

  • LGBTQQ Culture Training

Speaking Engagements

  • Effective Leadership & Team Development 

  • Healthcare Disparities Faced by Minorities

  • LGBT Health and Healthcare Provider Bias

  • Transgender Health & Nursing Education

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