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Our Story

Quaternary Healthcare Consultancy, LLC is a prominent Perioperative & Procedural Services consultant advisory group with a singular mission: to forge strategic partnerships with hospitals in the U.S. and their executive leaders. Our primary objective is to comprehensively assess the unique clinical and operational challenges faced by healthcare institutions and to craft innovative solutions tailored to their specific needs.

Our Founder possesses a remarkable legacy in the healthcare landscape, with over three decades of hospital clinical and operational experience. Furthermore, our Founder brings to the table a wealth of knowledge derived from sixteen years of ascending the ranks of healthcare leadership in C-Suite positions, gaining deep insights into operational intricacies and the art of transformation. As one of only a handful of COO's in the U.S., whose sole oversight focused only on the operations of Periop and Procedural Services, a very unique and laser-focused position, that ensured the organization thrived, given Periop/Procedural departments generate 60-70% of the organizations contribution margin.

 The Founder's academic pursuits have been uniquely focused on advanced leadership principles and change management within the highly matrixed and ever-evolving healthcare systems.

At Quaternary Healthcare Consultancy, we are deeply committed to facilitating the growth and success of healthcare systems in U.S. Our guiding principles are anchored in the development of high-level strategies and the pursuit of operational excellence, which are realized through cross-functional collaboration and innovative problem-solving tailored to the high-stakes healthcare environment in the state.

Our extensive experience spans a diverse array of healthcare institutions, ranging from prestigious academic medical centers to crucial critical access hospitals that play pivotal roles in serving remote and underserved communities. Additionally, our involvement extends to ambulatory surgical centers (ASCs), which play a vital role in enhancing access to surgical care throughout the country. This breadth of experience positions us to offer a uniquely insightful perspective on the challenges and opportunities faced by hospitals, enabling us to empower our clients with the tools they need to achieve lasting and impactful change.

Our approach to creating transformative change in the healthcare landscape is multifaceted. It begins with conducting a comprehensive and in-depth assessment of your healthcare organization, meticulously examining clinical practices and operational intricacies. We place significant emphasis on data-driven decision-making, ensuring that our recommendations are not only insightful but also firmly grounded in empirical evidence. This empirical approach, tailored specifically to the healthcare landscape, serves as the foundation for our innovative solutions.

In addition to data, our commitment to building relationships is a cornerstone of our practice. Over the years, we have cultivated a vast and invaluable network of connections within the healthcare industry. These relationships enable us to leverage invaluable relationship capital for the benefit of our clients, whether it's introducing you to potential collaborators, facilitating partnerships, or providing insights into industry best practices. Our relationship capital is a strategic advantage in navigating the unique healthcare landscape.

In summary, Quaternary Healthcare Consultancy, LLC is not just a consultant advisory group but a dedicated partner for hospitals within the U.S. Our rich history, in-depth knowledge of the healthcare landscape, and unwavering commitment to innovation and collaboration position us as the ideal catalyst for transformative change within your healthcare institution. Together, we can navigate the intricate healthcare challenges, overcome obstacles, and lead your hospital to a brighter, more successful future, making a positive impact on the health and well-being of the people we care for.

Areas Of Expertise...

Perioperative and Procedural Operations

  • Operating Rooms/ Procedural & Hybrid O.R.'s

  • O.R. Block Schedule Efficiency 

  • Pre-Post Throughput "PACU Holds"

  • Robotic Optimization/Access

  • Pre-Op Clinic & Patient Optimization

  • Perfusion & ECMO Services

  • Transplant/ DCD/ Donor Center

  • Cost Containment

  • Staffing Optimization 

  • ​Electronic Health Record [EHR] Optimization and Workflow Development

    • Preoperative Operation Strategy ​

    • Operational Data/Dashboard Management

    • OR Block Utilization

    • Preference Card Maintenance Strategy

    • Supply Chain and Revenue Integrity 

  • Procedural Areas

    • Cath/ EP Labs

    • IR/ VIR/ ECHO

    • Neuro Endovascular Suites

    • Endo, Bronch

    • Sterile Processing/ SPD

    • Offsite Consolidated Service Centers [i.e., SPD, Pharmacy, Supply Chain]

New Leader Coaching-Mentorship and Preceptorship

Speaking Engagement

Care Team Member Retention, Recruitment, and Engagement

Clinical and Operational Efficiency/ Practice

  • C-Suite & Organizational Structure

  • Space Allocation

    • Assessment

    • Construction, Design & Logistical Expertise​

      • ASC's, Sterile Processing Dept., O.R.'s

Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS)

  • Health Equity

  • Cause of Disparities

  • Address Inequities in Policy & Operations

  • Organizational Bias Assessment [e.g., Racial, Gender, LGBTQ, etc.]

  • Reduce Healthcare Disparities

  • Marginalized Patient Populations

  • Healthcare Provider Bias

  • LGBTQQ Culture Training

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